Welcome to my blog! Introduction <3

Hey lovelies, I am Jenna and this post marks the start of my blog! I have always wanted a space to let out all of my feelings about books and their amazing fictional worlds, and I am so happy to share this experience with you. Many of you guys might know me from my instagram, @lostwithinwords which I have started around 10 weeks ago to share my daily photos of books. I have met countless of wonderful people there, and built new friendships that I might have never had. I hope that having a wordpress blog will also help me reach out to other bibliophiles who have book blogs and to connect with lovely people on the other side of the spectrum.

 For my blog, Fictional Neverland I am going to be posting a variety of bookish posts including but not limited to, reviews, recommendations, book hauls, tags, as well as monthly TBRs and wrapups. I will make sure to update my blog at least 2 to 3 times a week, and it would mean the world to me if you followed me through this blog. For authors and publishing companies, I would LOVE to review ARC/finished copies as long as it follows some criteria which you can check out at Rating Policies & Review Requests

If any of you want to talk to me or ask me questions, I will be more than happy to get to know you through any of my social media or through the comments on the blog. You can also send me an email at fictionalneverland@hotmail.com and I will respond ASAP 🙂 (usually within 48 hours) Thanks for reading this intro and cheers to a wonderful 2016!


Find me here!



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