The Infinity Dreams Award

Happy Friday everyone! I decided to make a fun post today for all of you to get to know me better 😀

Thank you to Cherry at readforevermore for nominating me to do The Infinity Dreams Award! It sounds like so much fun ❤

Let’s get onto the award,


the-infinity-dreams-award1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
4.  Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them


1. I have the cutest toy poodle in the world ❤  His name is Natto, meaning Japanese soy beans XD

2. My favourite season is autumn, I love how cool the weather is and the beautiful colour of leaves. I also really, really like wearing sweaters, scarves, and fuzzy socks, I basically live in them all the time!


3. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the decorations and the holiday cheer!

4. I usually don’t cry while reading, the only book that actually made me tear up was The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. If you don’t already know, this book is one of my all time favourites ❤

5. I have an ever growing collection of mugs and candles! Most of these are bookish related goodies from some of my favourite Etsy stores 🙂

6. Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor although I consider myself a Gryffinclaw 😛


7. My favourite animals are wolves.

8. I love drinking tea! My favourite is Apple Cinnamon Chamomile ❤

9. My favourite genre is definitely fantasy, though I am starting to really like fairytale retellings.

10. Belle has always been my favourite disney princess ❤


11. I am suppose to be on a book buying ban right now but I am still searching for more books to add to my wish list on Amazon and Book Outlet XD


1. Who is your number one fictional boyfriend and why?

This is such a hard question… AHH!!! I actually haven’t read most of the books that people typically answer with (Will from TID, Warner from Shatter Me, The Darkling from The Darkest Minds, etc) so I really don’t know what to say 😛 But I just finished The 5th Wave so I think I will go with Evan ❤ Wait!!! And PERCY JACKSON! He has been my fictional boyfriend since I was 11! 😛

2. What is your favourite opening line from a book?

Hmm… I had to stand in front of my bookshelf for quite a while because of this question. But I have to go with the opening line from The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, “First the colors. Then the humans. That’s usually  how I see things. Or at least, how I try.”

3. If your life could have a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?

I have no idea XD  Just a mix of everything!

4. What are some of your other hobbies besides reading?

Reading has definitely been my hobby for as long as I could remember, but I also really like to write, watch movies, take photos, and dance! ❤

5. If you were your favourite book character, what would a typical day in your life look like?

My favourite book character just might have to be Hermione Granger! Harry Potter will always be my number one series, and I adore Hermione so much! As her, my typical day will probably look like taking Potions class, and hanging out with Harry and Ron 🙂


6. What do you love most about blogging?

I actually only started my blog this Monday so I am very new to this platform. That being said, I absolutely love the fact that I can interact with fellow bibliophiles and share my opinion on the thing that makes us all happy: books! I also really love reading everyone’s book reviews, and adding more books to my endless TBR.

7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

For this question, I definitely have to say all over Europe. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a dream of backpacking Europe when I got older. That dream still hasn’t changed, and I hope to get to it really soon! 🙂

8. Favourite kind of ice cream? (:

Although I love sweet things once in a while, I almost always choose green tea or mango flavoured ice cream! It is absolutely delicious 😀



*Sorry if you have already done this :p*

Candy at CandytheBookishGirl

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Parneet at TheEnchantedBook

Ava at BookishnessandTea

Emma at EmmatheBookLover

Anna at MyBookishDream

Floriane at FlowlessBooks

Alex at FieryReads

Josephine at JosietheBookWorm

Kate at PasstheFeels

Jen at Myriadinklings


  1. What is your all time favourite book?
  2. How many languages can you speak?
  3. Which Hogwarts house are you in?
  4. Top 3 bookish pet peeves ?
  5. What is your favourite scent?
  6. Where do you buy most of your books?
  7. What is your favourite holiday?
  8. If you can switch lives with a fictional character, who would it be?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend xoxo,


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8 thoughts on “The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Cherry says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging! (: hehe, great answers! I especially loved your pick for #2, I have yet to read that book but I definitely will sometime this year 😀 and omg green tea ice cream ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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