New Book Club Announcement!

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Hello lovelies, I am so excited to announce that I have created my very own book club,Β The Golden Bibliophiles! Quite honestly, I have been debating whether or not I would actually go through with this since there are so many book clubs already out there… But, I decided that I would give it a shot πŸ˜€



What’s different about The Golden Bibliophiles from other book clubs is the fact that we are completely dedicated to finding under the radar books. As a book blogger myself, I love when I receive or give book recommendations of books that many people have yet to discover. That’s the beauty of blogging, am I right?

So to kick off this book club, I have set our first read along to be May 2016, with 2 BOTM each month. These books will be nominated and voted by all of you out of 2 different categories. One will be newly released underrated books (published within the last 3 months of the respective date starting month) and the other will be books that have been out for quite some time. The only rule with this is that these two books CANNOT be in the same genre just to ensure that everyone will hopefully find something they like. I promise to include a variety of books that cover all sorts of genres, so if you have any recs my trusty fellow bloggers, please let me know in the comments ❀

If you want to join me on this adventure, (which you definitely should so I don’t feel like a lonely hobbit) here is the link to our goodreads groupΒ The Golden BibliophilesΒ andΒ our instagramΒ @The Golden BibliophilesΒ πŸ™‚ If you have any questions at all, as always feel free to contact me via emailΒ



Thank you for reading xoxo,

-Jenna <3-

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