Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish & Non Bookish Websites That I Love

Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people at BrokeandBookish. This week’s topic is the top ten non bookish websites that you love. Unfortunately because books are my life, I had to include mostly some book related websites to fulfill the ten spots! I’m pretty sure you guys won’t mind though, so let’s get started 😉



 1. Amazon


Okay… Before you all freak out, I promise that I don’t ONLY use Amazon for book shopping Just 99% of the time 😉 Amazon is a real trickster though, once you log in, you can’t stop adding books items to your wish list ❤

2. Etsy


Etsy has the cutest designs ever for basically everything and anything. I adore spending time just browsing through new decor items and crafts when I’m bored 😛

3. Society 6


Society 6 is a real killer with all of those gorgeous bookish goodies ❤ ❤ ❤ Oops, did I say bookish? XD I meant designs in general! This Peter Pan pillow that I have my eye on is from my friend Evie, who’s store you should all check out 🙂

4. Youtube


Youtube is a MUST when you have absolutely nothing to do. When I am not watching / listening to book reviews and hauls, I’m watching funny clips of cats… Don’t judge XD

5.  Goodreads


And we have a down right cheater here 😛 But I really can’t help but include Goodreads on my Top Ten list just because I do not go a single day without clicking on the app and browsing through some book titles! I also made some wonderful friends using this site and I cannot recommend it enough ❤

6. Spotify


Because we all love our music don’t we? Let me know what some of your favourite songs are, I haven’t updated my music in a while :O

7. Buzzfeed


I only included Buzzfeed because of their quizzes 😛 They are PERFECT for when you are dying of boredom and wanting to find out a) Which Disney princess you are b) How you die or if you die in The Hunger Games and c) If you can identify Harry Potter characters when they are photoshopped as owls. 

8. Bloglovin


Bloglovin is something I just recently discovered and I am loving it so far! The fact that I have immediate access to a wide variety of blogs is great and I am looking forward to meeting amazing people ❤ You can see my account and follow cause I’m a lonely jelly bean  here 🙂

9. Netflix


Netflix is my ADDICTION, thus my family has banned it from our house right now. According to my mom, if I do well in school for the rest of the semester, I can have it during the summer </3 Who is going to actually study when they would rather be reading or bingeing on Netflix shows I don’t know :O

10. VSCO


One of my new photos!  The quality looks a little off here  😦

VSCO is my LOVE when it comes to editing photos for my instagram ❤ I adore the filters and I am hoping to include this app when or if I ever do an Intro To Bookstagram mini series on my blog 😀 Let me know if that sounds like a good idea!


And we are finished! What are some of the bookish or non bookish websites that YOU love? Do you have any in common with me? Let me know in the comments below ❤

Thanks for reading lovelies xoxo,

-Jenna <3-

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