Top Ten Tuesday: Shows I Want To Binge Watch On Netflix

Welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people at BrokeandBookish. This week’s topic was a freebie and I decided to talk about my recent obsession: Netflix! I’ve recently finished school for the summer and because my parents have finally allowed me to get Netflix, I’m super pumped to binge watch some (aka lots of) TV. Though there was a ton to choose from, here are the top 1 shows out of  I’m the most excited about 😀






I’m possibly the only human being on this Earth that hasn’t watched Friends.. but in my defense, I was really young when the show aired 😛 Currently all 10 seasons are on Netflix which means a couple of episodes per night should keep me entertained for a while!

2. The 100


I’m currently binge watching The 100 and I’m almost done season 2! Despite the somewhat lackluster acting in the first few episodes, the show is really picking up full speed :O

3. Orange Is The New Black


I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I am to finally start watching Orange Is The New Black! As a Netflix original, it has received so many positive reviews and the storyline seems to be downright hilarious XD

4. Doctor Who


I’m late to the party (AGAIN…) and I’m not even sure if all of the seasons are available on Netflix but… the Doctor Who craze has completely rubbed off on me! I want to time travel with the doctors and see what this world’s all about.

5.How To Get Away With Murder


I’m all about the mysteries right now and How To Get Away With Murder sounds totally up my alley! I also love how it stars a African American woman as the lead-diversity everyone 😀

6. Breaking Bad


Morally grey characters in any format always have a way with me and while a chemistry teacher cooking crystal meth in his kitchen sounds a little out there, I’m willing to give Breaking Bad a proper shot.

7. Sherlock


A TV series based on Sherlock Homes? I’m all in 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

8. The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead I’m a little iffy about because I’m quite the scaredy cat but oh well, I’ve been craving a good scare lately 😛

9. Parks & Rec


In the midst of all the mysteries, I decided to include Parks & Rec to the mix for some laughs. I don’t think I have heard anything negative about this show, so I’m guessing it’s a relatively safe bet?

10. Dexter


More psychological thrillers for this girl! Dexter sounds AWESOME mainly because of how unreliable the main character seems to be. It also has 8 whole seasons that I’m planning to binge watch 😛


And we are finished! Those are ten TV shows I am just dying to watch on Netflix. What are some of your favourite shows? I would love to get some recommendations! Let me know in the comments below ❤


Thanks for reading xoxo,

-Jenna <3-

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38 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Shows I Want To Binge Watch On Netflix

  1. JJAzar says:

    Evidently, I’m a few months late, but I’m new to WordPress, so forgive me! I’ve just now stumbled upon your blog! I really like how you feature books/TV shows etc. Fiction is fiction, right? Anywho, you’ve likely dived into a handful of these shows by now, but in case you haven’t started it, I must sing the praises of Breaking Bad for just a moment.

    Of course, this is a critically acclaimed series, but critical acclaim doesn’t hype me up, personally. All I can say is this: You know how mid-season and season finales are cracked up to be highlights for most TV-shows? Well, with Breaking Bad, episodes are written such that developments of season-ending magnitude are dropped randomly throughout seasons. The creators of Breaking Bad did not cheap out when it comes to progressing the story.

    Perhaps this is why Breaking Bad is one of the only shows where I can’t place the seasons as having “weaker” patches. The quality is so consistently high that it all comes together. Now, don’t get me wrong. From my memory, there are a couple of slower segments (a good part of season 3) but the quality remains high. And Season 5 is unbelievable. All of it.

    Okay, I’ll stop there. Sorry, that’s just what Breaking Bad does to me. Thanks for giving us a look into your watchlist! I’ve just subscribed.


  2. bookishblooms says:

    I’d recommend Jane the Virgin, theres only a season on Netflix so it’s not great for binge watching but it’s a great show! I’m currently binge watching Gilmore Girls and That 70’s Show, both are great

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jackie @ Bookworm Mom says:

    Gotta love FRIENDS! I re-watch episodes of that all the time and it drives my husband crazy.
    I love to binge watch Friends, King of Queens, Grey’s Anatomy, Walking Dead, and Once Upon a Time. I recently started watching Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too.

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  4. Madeline @ The SFF Bookshelf says:

    ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK IS SERIOUSLY INCREDIBLE! Honestly, you will fall in love with this show. The characters are wonderfully developed and feel so real, and the storylines are amazing. The writers do a great job at writing stories that really discuss important issues. And, it is obviously amazing, because the series has only just finished season four and it has been renewed up to season seven! How amazing is that?! 🙂

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    • FictionalNeverland says:

      I just started the first season last night and so far, so good! I’m really glad to hear your opinions about Orange Is The New Black because I was so keen on starting it for a while now. As for season 7 being already renewed?That’s absolutely AMAZING 🙌🏼


  5. Lois says:

    Okay so Friends has to be a priority watch. It’s such a classic and such an easy binge watch. You could breeze through that show. I see a lot of hype about The 100 and I’m keen to check it out. The Walking Dead is so good albeit some moments are a bit icky but the character development is on point!!

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    • FictionalNeverland says:

      Friends IS such a classic! I can’t believe I haven’t started it till now. The 100 was okay, I just recently finished all 3 available seasons and while there were some plot holes, I really enjoyed how realistically dark it was. And character development is something I’m totally passionate about so yes! I will definitively be checking The Walking Dead out ☺️

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  6. readinaflash says:

    Friends is great, but Breaking Bad is in another realm. It took me 6 months to binge, because the episodes are so long, but it’s so worth it. Good list.

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    • FictionalNeverland says:

      Both shows I’m dying to get into! Friends is hilarious so far and I’m only a couple episodes in, as for Breaking Bad, the overall super high ratings must be saying something… Am I right? 😉


      • Lauren Busser says:

        It is a really scary premise and combines some stuff that makes you go: “Oh am I really going to like this?” But they came up with a really great cast and they have some great talent. Once you start you’ll be hooked. My brother actually says he “misses Walter” sometimes.


  7. Rissi says:

    Who doesn’t love finding a new show to binge-watch!? I confess I spend too much time watching an episode of my favorite show over reading the books on my TBR. It’s dangerous. 😉 “Sherlock” is amazing! So clever and well written. Doctor Who (Matt Smith years) is a favorite too.

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    • FictionalNeverland says:

      I totally agree 😂 And that confession is for sure relatable, I haven’t really picked up a book yet this month 🙈 Sherlock and Doctor Who both sounds amazing so I’m so glad you enjoyed them ❤️


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